If you want to use polyphonic / re-triggering modulators in Falcon like envelopes, LFOs, step sequencers and alike, you will have to insert them on keygroup level, on layer or program level all modulators are monophonic because layers and programs don’t work per voice, only keygroups do.

BUT there is a workaround to create re-triggering envelopes on layer level (not supported by the developer, so it’s a bit of a hack) – example:

Q: Is there a way to make layer and/or program multi envelopes trigger with a keypress? The trigger mode doesn’t seem to matter – the multi envelope just loops constantly.

A: (workaround posted by the3ug3reeder:

  1. add an oscillator… eg. analog as a keygroup. (view this as a dummy/control oscillator as it will not be used directly to make a sound)
  2. set the gain value of this “control“ keygroup to negative infinity (effectively muted but still active)
  3. right click the gain knob of this keygroup and in the menu select “Add Modulation -> Layer -> New Multi Envelope“.

…and hey presto! you now have a layer level multi envelope which behaves as you would expect.

An added benefit of this technique is that by adjusting the keyboard mapping range of your inaudible ‘control’ keygroup, you can control precisely which keys will trigger your multi envelope-modulation… and you can of course add more control keygroups like this as well

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