All articles related to soundware for Falcon.

Falcon Singles – Water Bells released on patchpool

  This library contains multi-sampled water bell samples borrowed from my sound library Resurrection for Alchemy 2, various different sized Nepalese bells dipped into a bathtub after the initial accent, sampled with up to 8x round robin. A singing bowl also dipped into the water after hitting it with a wooden beater, various processed waterbell […]

Digital Exploration for UVI Falcon

200 presets for UVI Falcon created only with Falcon Synths (no samples). That means VA, Wavetable, Noise and Pluck oscilator are used for generating sound. Soundset contain Bass, Drums, FX, Instruments, Leads, Pads, Synths and resources (single waveforms and wavetables).   Preset list: Resources 1x graphic file. 14x single cycle waveforms. 18x wavetables. Bass: 20 […]

Falcon Singles – HANG released on patchpool

Falcon Singles – HANG Multi-sampled HANG percussion, deeply sampled with plenty of articulations, textures and electronic derivatives. The nine pitches of the Hang were sampled at 5 velocity layers and 6x round robin, two articulations were sampled (mallet/hand), also the backside of the Hang was captured, producing some remarkable sub-bass tones. Dynamic tremolos for each […]

Falcon Singles – Falcon Scapes Vol. 2 released on patchpool

Falcon Scapes Vol2 contains a wealth of soundscapes, multi-sampled and synthesized pads, icy, abyssal and ominous drones, minimal and edgy sequences, impacts and stabs, beautiful cinematic textures, wondrous and haunting tones and some extraordinary dry and processed samples of sound sculptures made of huge springs, tubes and pipes. Processed vocal sounds and some ethereal choir […]

E. G. S. E. D. for UVI Falcon

Electric Guitars, Synths & Electronic Drums library of 121 presets for UVI Falcon. Guitar and bass sounds are created with string module Pluck. Synths, bass synths, pads, leads and drums sounds created only with uvi Falcon oscilators module. No external samples in this soundset. All presets are open, and you can edit each preset to […]

Falcon Singles – Acoustic E-Bow

  Multi-sampled acoustic steel string guitar played with an e-bow, a much expanded and falconized version of the acoustic guitar sounds in Sonic Cinema for HALion 5. New samples were added, wavetables extracted and patched, electronic derivates and soundscapes were produced and some processed e-bowed mandolin sounds were created to compose a unique collection of […]

Ambient Strings For Falcon/MachFive3

Ambient Strings focusses on atmospheric sounds and textures derived from string instruments like cello, violin (electric and acoustic), electric and acoustic guitars, psaltery (ebowed, plucked and bowed) and oud. The patches combine textural sounds, multisampled acoustic instruments and more exotic instrument articulations with electronic textures all derived from the dry instrument samples to create wonderful, ethereal, […]

Scattered Entity For Falcon/MachFive3

Specifications and content: 4.38 GB of samples (1330 wavs/stereo/48 Khz/24 Bit). 121 patches/instruments + 8 variations, combining all synthesis methods available in Falcon/MachFive. Multisampled instruments, pure and and combined with electronics Evolving pads Vocal texures Experimental and abstract textures Cinematic and ominous soundscapes and drones Complex sequencers Processed field recordings Orchestral sounds derived from orchestral […]

Falcon Singles – Stick Cello

Multi-sampled stick cello, originally sampled for my Alchemy library Resurrection for Alchemy 2, some new electronic samples derived from the cello were added for this Falcon release. The single accents were sampled on 10 pitches across the entire cello range at 5 velocity layers – 3x round robin, the tremolos were sampled at 3 pitches on open […]