All articles related to soundware for Falcon.

Scattered Entity For Falcon/MachFive3

Specifications and content: 4.38 GB of samples (1330 wavs/stereo/48 Khz/24 Bit). 121 patches/instruments + 8 variations, combining all synthesis methods available in Falcon/MachFive. Multisampled instruments, pure and and combined with electronics Evolving pads Vocal texures Experimental and abstract textures Cinematic and ominous soundscapes and drones Complex sequencers Processed field recordings Orchestral sounds derived from orchestral […]

Falcon Singles – Stick Cello

Multi-sampled stick cello, originally sampled for my Alchemy library Resurrection for Alchemy 2, some new electronic samples derived from the cello were added for this Falcon release. The single accents were sampled on 10 pitches across the entire cello range at 5 velocity layers – 3x round robin, the tremolos were sampled at 3 pitches on open […]

Falcon Singles – Celtic Harp

Multi-sampled Celtic harp, originally sampled for my MachFive 3-library Scattered Entity, falconized, expanded, improved and re-worked for Falcon in January 2016, also making use of the new synthesis forms introduced in Falcon like the multi-granular engine, the wavetable and physical modeling synths and adding many more Macro controls. Two patches have scripted interfaces, the scripting […]

Falcon Singles – Bass Flute

Falcon Singles – Bass Flute is an expanded and falconized excerpt from Aureus Ventus for HALion 5. Multi-sampled bass flute dynamics, overtone beauty, mysterious soundscapes, audio-morphed and re-synthesized sounds, dark drones, granular phrases, pads, an organ flute, a key slap bass and some glass chimes. For the main acoustic instrument 14 pitches were sampled with […]

Falcon Singles – Oud

Multi-sampled oud, originally sampled for my Alchemy library Aqualignum, providing various articulations like single accents with 5 velocity layers – 3x round robin, up/down slides with 2x round robin and sample start control, vibrato notes with 3x round robin, tremolos, trills, repetitions, bowed strings, some granular patches, processed FX sounds, pads and bass sounds using […]

Falcon Singles – Glockenspiel

Multi-sampled glockenspiel, a much expanded version of the glockenspiel found in my sound library Aureus Ventus for HALion 5. More pitches were sampled for this release, making it a total of 19 pitches sampled between G4 – C7 (all “white“ keys +C#5), sampled at 3 velocity layers, the lower 2 played with hard plastic mallets, […]

Falcon Singles – Falcon Scapes Vol.1

This collection assembles a small sonic universe, combining cinematic, mysterious, wondrous, abstract and ethereal soundscapes – up to 2+ minutes in length – with lush and haunting vocal pad sounds and one-finger-beauties, dark and futuristic drones and some animated sequences with electronic bass, drum and arp sounds using Falcon’s analog and FM oscillators. The samples […]

UVI Soundware For Falcon

All soundware released by UVI for their own UVI player-platform is fully compatible with Falcon. And they have also released some dedicated Falcon expansions making use of the new features introduced in Falcon: Cinematic Shades Cinematic Shades is an evocative and visceral collection of sounds designed for composers and modern producers who need unique and powerful […]

Falcon AIR

    Falcon Air combines organic acoustic samples with the plethora of synthesis forms available in Falcon. Often several different synthesis modules are combined within in one patch, many presets make use of the new multi-granular engine, the wavetable synth and the new physical modeling module introduced in Falcon. All samples, wavetables and images (for […]