Modulation System

All articles related to Falcon’s modulation system.

Modulation Mappers – General Information

Modulation mappers in Falcon let you modify the response of a given modulator. A mapper can be used for numerous purposes, here are a few examples: Creating exponential modulation curves, or curves which only start at e.g. 50% of the modulator range. right clicking on the mapper will open the mapper library which also contains a […]

Arpeggiator – FAQs

Presets in the arpeggiator can not be changed via Midi CC or program changes. The workaround is to setup the arp on layer level, then you can use multiple layers using multiple settings/presets which  you can then select via key-switches. Demonstrated in this video: Q: I need to have real tremolo. Like a repetition of staccato notes, not a square […]

Polyphonic Modulators – Re-triggering Envelopes

If you want to use polyphonic / re-triggering modulators in Falcon like envelopes, LFOs, step sequencers and alike, you will have to insert them on keygroup level, on layer or program level all modulators are monophonic because layers and programs don’t work per voice, only keygroups do. BUT there is a workaround to create re-triggering […]

Blending / Crossfading Layers & Keygroups

To crossfade / blend between layers or keygroups use bi-directional Macros, so turning the Macro-knob to the left will shift balance to Layer 1 and turning it to the right will shift the balance to Layer 2 (use negative modulation values for one of the layers and assign the Macro to layer volume). At  center position both […]

Unison Modulation

Any oscillator in Falcon can run in unison mode. To setup a classic stereo detune sound in Falcon proceed like this: Set the layer to e.g. 3 unison voices -> right click on the pan knob in the  keygroup -> Add Modulation -> External -> Other -> Unison -> adjust amount at the bottom of the […]

Audio Rate Modulation

Very fast modulation speeds in Falcon are possible: you can go into the 1000 Hz range with the multi envelope (and draw strange, multi-segment LFO shapes as well), just zoom in really close to edit your shape and set the loop length, then you can also apply modulation to the speed with e.g. key follow […]