"You are the universe in ecstatic motion "

  • Thomas Helzle
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    I thought I start this area with a 3D simulation I created in SideFX Houdini that made me think of the Rumi-quote in the title (full-screen & HD recommended):

    My artistic work centers around the natural and the artificial and the border between order and chaos – that’s where the interesting things happen for me.

    The sounds are from a huge glass vase I played with a bow, a large brass bowl struck with a leather-wound beater and lastly a temple bell sample, only the latter I didn’t create myself.

    Normally I work in Bitwig, but since it doesn’t support video yet, I used Studio One 3 for this.



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    Monkey Man
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    What we see is order descending into chaos, IOW, entropy at work.

    It takes intelligence to create order. After that everything slowly (or quickly, as the case may be) goes to ****.

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