Using falcons FX with other synths or as an FX plugin

  • darrenelkins
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    Hi all

    Is it possible to send other vst3 sound into falcon to make use of falcons great FX? – say, send sounds from phase plant into falcon for FX.
    Or even use falcon as an effects rack on DAW tracks?

    Obs today there are several deals on many dif manufacturers effects plugins. – for instance, sound toys / waves / izotope.
    However, i prefer many of falcons effects. So rather than buy say sound toys effects as a plugin to add to a DAW track, can I use falcons effects?

    Falcon has some great sequencers, so is there a way of sending other synth sounds into those sequencers?

    Ive not managed to find an answer yet, so i thought id ask!

    Many thanks

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    No, Falcon does not have any kind of audio input or side-chain function.

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