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    I cannot load user-created presets. Well, specifically, Multis. After spending some time creating from scratch or tweaking an existing multi, I “save multi as” or “save multi and samples as” into a folder on my desktop. When I attempt to load that multi in again I get a nasty, red-colored error saying the multi cannot be loaded.

    Also, when I double-click on the multi from the desktop (not from within DAW, although the DAW can be running), it launches the stand-alone version of Falcon.

    I tried to create a user folder, or use the one already created in Library/application support/Uvi Soundpacks (or whatever its called), but ran into permissions issues and can’t add anything to that folder – it doesn’t even show up when I navigate there from within Falcon.

    Any suggestions on how to work around or resolve this?


    Falcon 1.3
    Digital Performer 9.1
    Mac Pro 4,1 upgraded to 5,1 (XEON Hexcore 3.3 Mhz, 32 GB)

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