Trigger Mode: Off – Possible to only allow 1 simultaneous note?

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    I have a keygroup that’s only heard when releasing keys, i.e. Trigger Mode: Off. And its layer has Play Mode: Portamento.

    When I press a key, let’s say C-3, nothing is heard until I release. All fine so far…

    …But while holding down the first key, and then tapping on other keys, they can be heard when they release. I want to prevent that:

    As long as I hold down the first key, C-3 in this example, no other NoteOff sounds should be heard until I release the first key. At which point whatever other key I press gets to be the only one being heard when released.

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    Limit the range of each release key-zone to a certain pitch then, so release of C3 only reacts to trigger off C3. It’s more work but I couldn’t think of another way of doing it, exclusive key-grouping won’t work in this case.

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