Sample Osc Presets cannot recall Samples

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    on my machine, Presets of Sample Oscillators (all of them) cannot remember what Sample is actually used.
    Only the Osc parameters are recalled, which makes it quite useless.
    Is this a common behaviour or maybe some odd WinX administrator thingy?

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    It seems like you’re encountering an issue with your software or hardware that involves sample oscillator presets not being able to recall samples. This can be frustrating, but there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot and potentially resolve the issue:

    Check Sample Locations: Make sure the samples referenced by your presets are in the correct file locations or directories. If you’ve moved or renamed the sample files, the presets may not be able to find them.
    Library Management: If you’re using a software instrument or sampler, check if it has a sample library management system. Ensure that your samples are properly imported into the library and associated with the presets.
    File Formats: Verify that the sample file formats are compatible with the instrument or sampler you are using. Different software or hardware may have specific format requirements.
    Sample Mapping: Some instruments require that you map the samples to specific keys or zones on a keyboard or MIDI controller. Ensure that your samples are correctly mapped in the preset settings.
    Sample Bit Depth and Sample Rate: Ensure that the sample bit depth (e.g., 16-bit or 24-bit) and sample rate (e.g., 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz) match the requirements of your instrument or sampler. Mismatched settings can cause issues.
    Sample Naming: Some instruments rely on specific naming conventions for samples. Check if there are naming requirements for your instrument and ensure that your samples adhere to them.
    Update or Reinstall: If you’re using software, check if there are updates available for your instrument or sampler. If you suspect that the software itself is corrupted, consider reinstalling it.
    User Manual and Support: Consult the user manual or documentation for your instrument or sampler. It may provide guidance on how to properly set up and manage samples and presets. Additionally, you can seek support from the software or hardware manufacturer’s customer support.
    Backup and Restore: If you have a backup of your presets and samples, consider restoring from a known working backup to see if the issue persists.
    External Hardware: If you’re using external hardware samplers or synthesizers, ensure that the connections between your computer and the hardware are stable and properly configured.
    Third-Party Plugins: If you’re using third-party plugins within a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), make sure that the plugins are up to date and compatible with your DAW version.
    System Resources: Check if your computer has enough available resources (CPU, RAM, etc.) to handle the instrument or sampler and the loaded samples. Insufficient resources can lead to problems.

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    thanks for your answer, but I think it’s not concernig my problem:
    – I drop sample X (any sample) of my library onto SampleOsc/SliceOsc/StretchOsc/…
    – I save this Osc as a preset
    – I use another sample Y
    – I load the preset I just made
    – > sample Y is not exchanged by sample X
    I’ll contact UVI support, let’s see what they think.

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    Reply from UVI:

    Please note that ‘Save Preset’ at oscillator level only saves the oscillator settings (Sample Start, Interpolation Mode, Allow Streaming, Reverse), not the sample.
    Given that Loop points, Tempo etc are tightly related to a specific sample, this is a bit disappointing.

    Would be nice to have the option to save presets which have reference to the sample path.

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