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    Hi, I just got this great app for my iphone called aftertouch which lets you use the phone as a midi controller using the MPE standard (the best use of 3d touch i’ve found) transmitting Y axis, X axis and Z axis (pressure) midi messages. This works perfectly with falcon if I run it in standalone but I can’t get it working quite right within Logic X latest version (I’ve not bothered trying this in Live and I don’t own Bitwig). X-axis seems to work but Z isn’t capturing/getting sent to falcon properly

    I’m still pretty new to falcon (and even newer to MPE) so sorry if this is a basic question but is there any way to route the audio from falcon to live or logic for recording performances? I do have audio hijack so it’s not a massive problem but I was hoping there would be a simpler way of recording straight into a DAW without having having to use a third program in the setup – something like rewire would be nice for this…

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    for now it seems i can run falcon in plogue bidule and get the MPE working properly – then route audio to logic through rewire… since I’m interested in bidule for other reasons I guess I can live with this unless someone has a better idea!

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    On Mac the best option, I think, is to use Rogue Amoeba’s app called Loopback (commercial license though). It makes the job of routing audio super duper easy.

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