Pitch Quantize in Falcon Granular

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    I saw a video from Simon on Halion, specifically about pitch quantizing grains in Halion’s granular engine.

    Is there a way to do that in Falcon? I tried a few different ways. The first was modulating pitch bend using a stepped modulation map and an s&h lfo, but it almost doesn’t let the previous grains finish before changing pitch (unless it is sped up significantly).

    Another way was to run a second key group that was an octave higher, but that added additional processing.

    Any thoughts on how this can be done?

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    I think you saw one of my Pigments videos which has a functionality where you can modulate grain pitch using a custom pitch scale (Fragments also has that feature and crusher-X has the most advanced feature set)  but in Falcon you can only use modulation mappers or layered key-groups which leads to the results you already experienced.

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    Pitch quantization in granular synthesis engines like Falcon can add texture and rhythmic elements to your sound. To achieve this effect, set up a granular oscillator, create a modulation source, and configure the Step Modulator. Set the rate to the desired speed and create a modulation curve with discrete steps. Modulate the granular oscillator’s output, and adjust grain parameters like grain size, density, and overlap. Use envelope generators to shape the amplitude and timing of the grains. Experiment and refine settings to achieve the desired pitch quantization effect. This technique allows you to maintain creative control over the process and tailor it to your specific sound design goals.

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