Pitch Quantize in Falcon Granular

  • dmirate
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    I saw a video from Simon on Halion, specifically about pitch quantizing grains in Halion’s granular engine.

    Is there a way to do that in Falcon? I tried a few different ways. The first was modulating pitch bend using a stepped modulation map and an s&h lfo, but it almost doesn’t let the previous grains finish before changing pitch (unless it is sped up significantly).

    Another way was to run a second key group that was an octave higher, but that added additional processing.

    Any thoughts on how this can be done?

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    I think you saw one of my Pigments videos which has a functionality where you can modulate grain pitch using a custom pitch scale (Fragments also has that feature and crusher-X has the most advanced feature set)  but in Falcon you can only use modulation mappers or layered key-groups which leads to the results you already experienced.

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