Missing some Factory Content?

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    Hi, I’m reading the manual and I’m starting “Learning Falcon 202: Using SparkVerb”.

    I’ve noticed that the loop that I’m supposed to load “Mayhem of Loops” can’t be found when I’m using the search function.

    I recall this loop being needed in a previous tutorial, but I didn’t bother to look for it, because I wanted to use one of my own drum;oops.

    Now that I’ve decided to use it, I’ve learned that it isn’t there.

    I’m wondering: has the content changed and the manual is outdated, or is there something wrong with my installation?

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    There was an update for the factory library, the current version is 2.8.1 – so maybe you’ll find it in there in case you haven’t updated already.

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    Checking UVI Portal I can see:

    Falcon is at 2.8.6

    Flacon Factory is at 2.8.1

    Am I searching the libraries incorrectly?

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    The content no longer exists, according to UVI Support.

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