MIDI Out Issues

  • Chalisque
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    I’m finding that the channel in the Midi Out event processor is ignored, and Falcon 3 always uses the input midi channel (by putting a midi monitor next in the chain). (I hope that either a: I’m doing something wrong; or b) this is a bug that will be fixed soon.) I had envisaged using Falcon as a super-arp-thing to orchestrate an array of VSTs.

    In addition, I can’t get Falcon to output any midi when in standalone mode.

    I’m new to Falcon, and only got it when v3 came out.

    In Ableton and FL Studio, midi channels are always forced to 1. (That is, no matter what input device and channel you select, the midi message going into a device is always 1 on these hosts.)

    With Reaper, midi channels are respected, and it is in Reaper that this issue is apparent. (The only hosts I have are Ableton, FL, Reaper and Renoise.)

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    I got a reply from UVI. This is a bug in 3.0, fixed in 3.01. Midi out works great and as expected in 3.01.

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