MIDI Delay in Lua

  • metric
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    Program a MIDI Delay in Lua.

    I would like to program a simple script that delays each incoming Note separately, with a delay-time that is randomized in a given time-range on each note-input.

    So basically it would need to Variables Min and Max time.

    Could anyone with some experience in Falcon Scripting point me in the right direction here? I’ve done some scripting for Kontakt in the past but am new to the falcon language.

    Thomas Helzle
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    Hey metric,

    I guess you found this page already?

    That is the complete documentation of the language and some examples.
    Also, you can open all the script processor files that come with Falcon.
    And finally there is a collection of scripts called “Punch!” by Louis Coucka which you can dissect.
    He has a delay-script which should give you the needed idea to work from…

    I found the Lua-Editor “ZeroBrane” very nice to work with – it’s even written in Lua:

    But any text editor will do, most other programming editors have Lua support too (Sublime Text, Komodo Edit, Notepad++ etc.).

    Let me know if you need more specific help.




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    Hey Thomas, thanks for the reply. The “Punch!” script collection was what I needed to get started, figured it out now 🙂 Would be great if UVI considers to add more scripts to Falcon by default.

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    Did you ever create your own script for this?  I would love to see it.

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