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    I’m trying to find a lua reference guide that shows what result different terms will produce.  For example if you write ‘CenterPitch = Knob(“Center Pitch”, 60, 0, 127, true)’  The term “Knob” will produce a generic looking knob on the module interface.  Substitute the term “Slider” and you get a generic, horizontal slider control.  My question is, where can I find a reference that might show other options for knobs, sliders and faders, etc.  On the macro screen in Falcon, there are some that have all sorts of variations.  What I can’t find is a reference that tells me what produces what when creating effect modules or macro screens in Falcon.  Maybe I’m not searching for the right terms.

    Can anyone direct me to such a reference guide?  Thanks

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    You will have to create your own Macro knobs with graphic design and scripting, I can’t provide a reference for it though.

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    Hi DonnieA, happy new year

    have a look here

    also take a look at

    and of corse The Lua reference manual


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