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I think manualcontroler nailed it. It’s like buying a pair of jogging shoes except they only gave you one shoe. You either run with it or you don’t.

Undo is what MAKES software. It’s comparable to essentials like Copy/Paste. You can’t leave it out… if you’re not selling a proof of concept alpha version (which should be priced accordingly).

Before someone says it: Yes, this IS ranting and negativism. Not because I want to, but because I can’t hold it back… I’m THAT frustrated. Why? Because of the exact same reason manualcontroler mentioned: I need to be able to A / B test things.

I’ll say it again: A / B test things. Doesn’t matter how excellent it sounds. UVI, I assume you read this because this is the most populated forum in lieu of an official one, I think you should concentrate all efforts on making application-wide Undo the highest priority and THE ONLY FEATURE of your next major update. It’s never wrong to admit that we have a problem, and I think your users (and future ones) will LOVE YOU for implementing “only” this one feature.