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…and these were the answers so other users who might have similar requests can learn:

1. Use the random modulator instead.
2. Yes, that’s the LFO at keygroup level.
3. No.
4. Hmmm, I don’t think so, but maybe Simon knows the answer to that.
5. Maybe with a mod mapper, but there’s no lag processor per se in Falcon.
6. Speed of detuning is the Bandwidth knob. Are you using it at keygroup level?
7. There’ve been a number of Curtis filters, you’re gonna have to be more specific. But in truth, Xpander filter might be closest to ONE specific setup of a one specific Curtis chip. None of the filters are fully circuit-modelled, though.
8. Analog stack has the panning option per oscillator. Others not really, but you can always put keygroups into separate layers and pan them differently.

4.) Open tree view, select the oscillator, check the inspector window at the lower left and set phase to free running, each new note will have its dedicated phase offset.