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I personally don’t think that they are not that good, obviously they created one of the best instruments ever made (Really close to be the best IMO), the problem is that they work for a big company and they don’t really care, it’s the (Apple) kind of thing problem , even if they loose a few customers is not going to affect there business, so they don’t care… Hopefully they’ll start listening to what we are all saying for over a year now, so it will be best for everyone. After Bitwig, i believe Falcon is the second most listed program on KVR’s Marketplace forum, that means something to me and is sad, i say that because i really love Falcon. So, to make it simple, if Otristan or any other UVI team member is reading that post: PLEASE!!! Add UNDO, add Multicore Support, be able to FM Wavetable OSC, fix the non PDC report to the host for some fx, add VST3 version. If you read that post, hopefully we won’t get the same answer again (it’s COMPLEX), it was really complex for us too to find $350.