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First of all it’s not only the undo that kills me, believe me, i bought Falcon so i could just only use Falcon in my productions since it covers almost everything as a plugin! Another huge (bug or missing feature) whatever you want to call it is that some FX they don’t report PDC to the Host (Seriously UVI?). Also, i wish i could have an audio input and i wish i could FM the Wavetable OSC… Now about the undo, when i just create one patch, there is no big of a deal, barely goes something wrong, but when you have a single instance of Falcon loaded with many programs that each one has many layers running, trust me, the easiest thing is something to go really bad, unfortunately it almost happens every time to me in big and complex projects … Again, i love the program but is a lot of frustration to me and for $350 should have at least the most basic Feature (UNDO).