• Falcon presets do not contain wavetable data but link to this external resource using relative path (so wavetables are being treated like samples)
  • You can import wavetables e.g. from XFer Serum or extract single cycles from imported samples (via drag&drop like in MachFive) or transform images into wavetables, so the wavetable oscillator is more a wavetable player, not a wavetable editor
  • Wavetables with multiple slices can be imported either using one channel per slice or by concatenating slices and tagging the filename with the wavetable period (for example: “MySaw_2048.wav”).
  • If the wavetable synth is used in unison mode with several voices engaged, the waveforms of a table can be spread out using the spread knob in the interface. That way several waveforms will be audible simultaneously. To animate a wavetable, use modulators like LFOs/envelopes/step sequences/multi envelopes/Macros/modulation wheel/aftertouch assigned to wavetable position/spread stereo spread /unison detune and phase distortion.

Here is a tutorial on assigning modulations and Macros, building a wavetable patch from scratch: