All articles related to the wavetable oscillator in Falcon.

Image To Wavetable Re-synthesis – Image Resolution

Re-synthesizing images in Falcon’s wavetable oscillator yields some very interesting results. The resolution for images should be 2048 x 128 px, if the size differs and the width does not match this format, images will be rescaled and the wavetable oscillator will only take the 128 first rows or less if the image is smaller.

Wavetable Oscillator General Information

Falcon presets do not contain wavetable data but link to this external resource using relative path (so wavetables are being treated like samples) You can import wavetables e.g. from XFer Serum or extract single cycles from imported samples (via drag&drop like in MachFive) or transform images into wavetables, so the wavetable oscillator is more a […]