Falcon does not output Midi data. Here is a Q/A copied over from the one and only Falcon thread on KVR where one of the developers makes his point on this topic.

Q: No outputting midi is a bit of a drag for me, seems a silly limitation given Falcon can generate midi itself – prevents doubling on other instruments and other uses. It would be very useful to drive my other UVI product (IRCAM prepared piano).

A: There are many reasons for not having MIDI out, here’s a few:

  • [*]our internal events are richer than MIDI, if we had MIDI out we’d lose a lot of information,
  • [*]we can have so many event processors within falcon that choosing which one to route to the output would be both restrictive and arbitrary, furthermore trying to merge multiple event streams coming from independent sources could easily create unexpected output.
  • [*]Midi out support in DAWs is very heterogenous.
  • [*] the goal was to enhance the playing experience with intelligent event handling, not to create an algorithmic sequencer to control other plug-ins.

That said, if you already own IRCAM Prepared Piano, just load it into a Falcon Part, add any Event processor you like (Midi Player, Arpeggiator, or any script of your choice) at the Part or Master level and you’re done.