All articles related to the Midi implementation in Falcon.

Retrofitting (Roli Seaboard Rise) MPE to Falcon Programs

Posted by KVR user snatch59 in the Falcon FAQ thread / patchpool forum: First ensure the Seaboard has MPE enabled using ‘Dashboard for RISE’ (Channel Mode: Multi; MPE: On, Global Channel:1, Range from: 2 to 16). This example uses the patchool.de Glockenspiel Penta Cloud program as an example. Any program will do, as the aim […]

Midi – General Information

Falcon does not output Midi data. Here is a Q/A copied over from the one and only Falcon thread on KVR where one of the developers makes his point on this topic. Q: No outputting midi is a bit of a drag for me, seems a silly limitation given Falcon can generate midi itself – […]