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Ambient track featuring two patches from Falcon Singles – Frame Drums & Friend, plenty of Macro automation in Logic X, no additional effects, 100% UVI Falcon.

Patch descriptions:

Whale Song
“Three layered samples of sliding a rubber ball mounted on a stick on the skin of an ocean drum drum producing whale-like low frequency glissandos, multi-granular oscillators – layered with an analog synth drone in L2. Each glissando and the synth have their dedicated volume controls.
Control grain speed/position/pitch randomization with Macros, add re-triggering HP filter modulation and tempo-synced amplitude modulation (different sync speed for each sample) with Macros. More controls for delay/reverb/limiter are installed.”

Pacific Ocean
Two long textural samples made by slowly moving a small ocean drum filled with metallic spheres layered with two field recordings of ocean waves hitting a pebble beach I made at the Atlantic Ocean in in Northern France, control or randomize sample start with Macros. The drum swishes and the ocean sounds have dedicated volume controls, add tuned comb-filter with “Resonator“-Macro, add polyphonic modulation (per note) for LP filter, panning, pitch and amplitude modulation with Macros. More controls for phaser/delay/reverb/limiter are installed.