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I have a question I’m hoping somebody can help me with. I love the Granular and Multi Granular oscillators in Falcon but occasionally I have a sample I don’t want to loop but I can’t seem to get a clean ending. Either I stop the midi note and have a rather unnatural ending even with a longer release envelope or I extend the midi note and get a glitchy sounding effect like the play head is stuck in one place at the end of the sample. Is this just a simple envelope adjustment I’m missing or an actual setting in the oscillators themselves? Thanks. A. W. Bullington

Well, by nature of granular synthesis there is no “sample end”, a given sample only provides the audio material a grain stream – or multiple grain streams – are created from. If you decide to disable looping, be it alternate or normal forward looping, the grain position playhead will get stuck at the end of the sample once that has been reached. So either release the note well before the first grain stream hits the end of the sample (in the multi-granular osc) or enable looping, there is no magic “envelope setting” that will prevent this from occurring.