What processor/computer specifications do you all have???

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    I have i7 2.2ghz,  how would falcon work with that processor? Because massive x works alright, but can still quickly reach 60 cpu in flstudio.

    Lush101 seems good but its the most cpu consuming.

    Native instruments Reaktor works fine without too much concern for cpu, i can use it without feeling cpu is a big problem.

    Im thinking maybe i need a new and better computer, but is i9 necessary for processor?

    Im just wondering if i should go for the most expensive computer i can afford, or if i can have cheaper alternatives.


    what processors/specifications do you have and how does falcon work for you with cpu usage?

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    As Falcon does not yet support multi-threading, the faster your CPU is, the better. On my main studio rig I use a Mac Pro (ashtray model from late 2013), 2.7 GHz, 12-core Intel Xeon E5 processors. This works fine with most of my Falcon patches but of course totally depends on the buffer size in your DAW or in Falcon standalone. My new music laptop for live performances is a Macbook Pro from late 2018 with 6 cores i9, 2.9 GHz and it handles the Falcon load slightly better of course.

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    I just bought Falcon recently and have an older I7-4770 that runs at 3.5GHz with 16GB of RAM.  It runs well on my machine and pretty much all the stock sounds are using less than 50% CPU.  Many of them are less than 10%.

    I can glitch it somewhat easily creating my own patches however.  If I run a multi with 4 or 5 patches, I run out of CPU.  If I create a patch with 4 or 5 layers and each one has multiple voices, again, I hit a wall and get artifacts somewhere around 70% CPU.

    I would not let this put you off however.  Falcon is so huge, it takes months or years to master.  The limitations of my particular CPU are pretty minimal and I can still create super deep patches with over 12 LFO’s, multiple separate reverbs and easily a dozen voices. I can’t think of another VST that has that capability.

    The limitations of the software are mostly based on your specific CPU power. However, the life-span of Falcon is much greater than most of the sub $100 VST’s because of this.  Like my DAW, I can see myself using Falcon to create sounds for the next 5 years and I will likely replace my computer at least once in that time frame.

    Hope this helps.


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