WaveEdit – REALLY cool software for making wavetables

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    I came across some software recently called WaveEdit which is a program for making wavetables. It runs natively on Windows 7, OS X, and Linux.

    It’s pretty simple to use. The one trick for Falcon is, when you save the bank, you want to append _256 to the filename (it corresponds to the length of one wave). So I might create something called my_wavetable_256.wav because WaveEdit produces a WaveTable with 64 waves, each 256 samples in length.

    An even better way to use it, I think, is to create a multi-channel wave file. Each channel has one of the single cycle waveforms. This way you can make a wavetable with only a few samples, and Falcon will interpolate between them. It’s also really easy to see the samples in your wave editor. To do this:

    1. File->Save Waves to Folder…
    2. Delete any empty ones
    3. Merge them into one multi-channel wave file

    I can do that easily with TwistedWave:

    1. Rename the files to be ch01.wav, ch02.wav, etc (A Better Finder Rename is great for this)
    2. Double-click ch01.wav
    3. TwistedWave will ask if you want to merge them into a single file. Yes!

    Now load that file in Falcon.

    Here’s one I made with three samples.

    Here’s a portion of the WaveEdit editor I used to create the wavetable

    wavetable in wave edit


    Here’s what the multi-channel file looks like in TwistedWave:

    wavetable in twistedwave

    And here it is loaded into Falcon:

    wave table falcon


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