UVI Synth Soundpacks editable in Falcon?

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    Hello, I’m thinking about getting the SynthAnthology Expansion – can somebody let me know if this is actually editable inside Falcon? (so not via the Scripted UI but actually Falcons EDIT tab)

    Bought the AttackEP88 a while back from UVI, and it can be only loaded into Falcon but not edited: “Program not editable”.

    Thanks a lot

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    The soundware products in general are not editable unless they are being sold as “Falcon Presets” rather than as soundware.   The Synth Anthology is not editable.

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    UVI’s SynthAnthology Expansion is not editable within Falcon’s EDIT tab, despite its high-quality presets and sounds. The editability of these libraries depends on how they are implemented. Some libraries allow limited editing, while others are locked down to prevent extensive modification. For in-depth editing and sound design, consider exploring UVI’s Falcon Scripting SDK, which allows custom scripts and UIs to control parameters. However, this requires programming skills and understanding of Falcon’s scripting capabilities.

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