Triggering drumsounds in Falcon w/external drumkit

  • Voideco
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    Hi all.

    I have connected an electronic drumkit and an Alesis DM5 module which converts trigger pulses into midi signals. The signals are received by Falcon via Pro Tools, host application. Falcon doesn’t wanna audition these signals. Note values are set correctly, midi channels are corresponding, the midi led in Falcon lights up when I strike a pad but no sound. Pro Tools does record the signals when I go for a take. Subsequently, Falcon plays the notes neatly when I play back the recorded take. It’s just that I cannot hear the sounds while striking a pad. Correction: occasionally, one in a hundred times, I hear a drum sound coming from Falcon (I downloaded a set of one-note drum samples somewhere). It is one-in-a-hundred times that Falcon plays a sound on striking a pad, but that doesn’t cut it of course. I suspected at first that it had to do with trigger settings; V-curve, X-talk etc etc but that cannot be it because Falcon just receives the midisignals but just doesn’t play them instantly.

    Anyone? Thanks in advance.

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