Retrigger Randomization on Layer/Program Level

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    Hey, is there any Setup to trigger Randomization on Note Start for Parameters on the Layer/Programm Level?

    I learned about the Trick of using the MultiEnvelope on Layer Level + assigning it to an empty Keygroup in order to retrigger the Modulation of Effects on the Layer Level as well.

    Is there some similar trick to be used for Randomization? I’d like to try out things like having slightly randomized Delay Times one every new Mono Note Retriggers.


    Thanks for any input! 🙂

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    Edit: Actually found a way, the trick was to set the Random LFO to Legato. If anyone else has a good Idea to achieve it, feel free to share below.

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    The dummy KG workaround only works with Layer-LFOs set to legato, there is no other way.

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