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    Hi all,

    I am fairly new to the world of UVI and especially Falcon.  Having heard about it for years, what initially tipped me toward it was a link via ROLI concerning MPE.  Falcon being (at that time) one of a handful of soft synths with MPE integration, definitely registered on my radar to check out in the near future.  Well, the future is now. 🙂

    Here’s my background, in a nutshell:

    My first synth was a Super JX-10, followed closely by an M1, Wavestation, DX-7. In college, I got a Kurz K2K and a JP-8000, followed by a Novation K-Station. Several years later, a Moog Little Phatty and an E-MU MP-7.

    I still have the Moog, but over the years, have gotten rid of the rest in favor of plugins. I’ve amassed quite a collection of plugins and have a decent workflow with my MIDI controllers and have embraced MPE. Even though I know there are a massive amount of things that can be done in a plugin that (a) aren’t realistic or affordable to pull off with hardware, or (b) just can’t be done, I’ve found myself getting a semi-modular/modular GAS bug. I think it’s because I’d really like to get back to basic sound design and enjoy the thought of “one knob = one function” and the eventual expandability through patching.

    Yep, I just about started going down the hardware modular hole.  Then I decided to look into UVI’s Falcon and HALion 6. 😉

    I’m brand new to both, but I’m glad I’m exploring this path.  I think they are both the answer and I am really loving Falcon so far, being just a few days into it.

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    Welcome to Falcontinuum, that reads like quite a journey through the world of hard- and software synths, in the latter you have chosen two of the most powerful hybrid instruments which currently exist on this planet.

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    Thanks, Simon.  Yeah, I’d quite like to think so.  Even though I’ve barely scratched the surface, the sound design possibilities seem as limitless as ones imagination and burdened only by the power of the CPU.

    I’m really looking forward into deep diving into both of them and being a part of this community!



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