NEW! Alive – UVI Falcon Expansion. 30% OFF!! Download Free Demo Presets.

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    NEW! Alive – UVI Falcon Expansion. 30% OFF!! Download Free Demo Presets.

    New Loops presents Alive Falcon Expansion — an expressive new sound bank for UVI Falcon, featuring 130 creative sounds inspired by recent soundtracks including, Mr Robot, Ghost In The Shell, Tenet, Blade Runner 2049, Dune, Cyberpunk2049, The Division 2, and Apex Legends. We’ve made extensive use of the new features in 2.5 including, the VCF20 filter, TS Overdrive effect, new sequencers and modules, and especially the new Smooth Random modulator to add organic, analogue life into the sounds.

    You’ll find everything from deep ambiences, distorted drones, atmospheric textures, and evolving atmospheres, to emotive keys, analogue synths, cinematic sequences, and electronic basses. Alive features sounds with character, energy and emotion, sounds that breathe and move as if alive. These UVI Falcon presets react to velocity, aftertouch and the mod wheel bringing them to life. Tweak and perform with 4 macros for each sound on a custom backdrop. Also included is 110 unlocked audio samples which can be used in any other audio software. There’s a wide range of samples including, vocal samples, field recordings, Foley sounds, analogue synths, orchestral samples, soundscapes, and loads more.

    Alive Falcon Expansion is suitable for many styles of electronic music including, soundtrack, film score, and game score, dark wave, cyberpunk, ambient, downtempo, deep techno, and many other electronic styles.

    Currently, Alive Falcon Expansion is 30% off. Get it for only £24.49 (RRP £34.99).

    Get an EXTRA 30% off orders over £39 at Use code: 30OFF39

    Free demo presets –

    Audio Demos:

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