Need Advice about Sample Storage

  • Brian2016
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    Not having used samples before I have a mess of disorganization on my two laptops as I dive into Granular and Scrub.

    Long song length samples- Chopped up much shorter versions- Wavetable versions –
    Is there a “best practice” when collecting audio for use in synthesis?  Any tips or suggestions for organizing?
    (I will not be trveling with these laptops and right now am partitioning an external HDD to -at least- have One place where they all are.)

    Thomas Helzle
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    I’m by no means a pro when it comes to that part, but I have a system that works for me:

    All my audio files are on each machine on a drive E:\Audio_Content. On my main machine that is an internal large drive, on my laptop it’s an external USB 3 drive. So file paths always stay the same.

    Large samples I leave where they are (sorted by where they come from) and reference them.

    If I chop up something for a patch or create a wavetabe, I collect the samples with the patch (like you can do in Falcon with “Save program and samples as…”) in my Falcon/Kontakt/whatever library.

    I keep the different locations synced with a software called “Second Copy” (Windows only AFAIK).

    Having the same data on multiple drives is also a way of backing it up – I personally would not feel well with using the same drive for everything.

    I also have one independent backup of the whole thing on an older computer.

    It can also make sense to collect all used samples and patches with a particular song you do in your DAW, so you can be sure to be able to re-create things a couple of years in the future.



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    My sample organization is terrible… but for finding the samples I do have, regardless of on-disk organization… AudioFinder is awesome – IF you’re on OS X. I don’t know what’s good on Windows 🙁

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