Multiple MIDI CC LFO instances in a single program?

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    I’ve been trying to modulate some of the GUI controls in Drone with MIDI CC LFO instances.  I can get one instance to work just fine.  But I cannot seem to get two MIDI CC LFO instances to work within the same program – basically only the second one I create will work.  When I have two MIDI CC LFOs I can press a key and both seem to be running – I can see the cursor move through the steps on each instance – but only one will send MIDI messages.  Is this a bug?

    Looking at the code I also see a callback I did not find any documentation on – onPlay().  Is there updated documentation that describes that?

    Thanks for any assistance!

    Mike Potter


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    Hi Mike,

    I think you’ll be better off to contact UVI support with this issue, I don’t use Drone so I can’t test it for myself.

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    Thanks!  I just heard from Alexandre from UVI support – the issue will be fixed in the next release.



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