How to increase the gain of a filtered white noise sound

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    I want to create an “analog style” drum kick, starting from a noise (I’ve used white, but it doesn’t matter) and adding a UV filter with a key tracking Cutoff.

    The output sound for low keys (low pass filter) is very low. I’m trying several combinations of Gain effetcs, Maximizer, etc. But I don’t want to alter too much the original sound, so I also tried increasing the Gain knob at the Layer and Program levels. No matter how much I increase them the output level is still quite low (and I have to add gain in my DAW).

    My question is: what is the general advice to increase the sound level of a simple sound as this, without introducing effects that would alter too much its spectrum?

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    I would try to add a compressor or even a multi-band compressor on keygroup level, with that each individual note will be compressed and raised in volume individually.

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    Thanks for the reply! I will try with the compressor on keygroup. I guess it will be resource hungry but it’s worth a try.

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