Granular Tongue Flute

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    A while ago one of my sisters was visitin me together with my three nephews. One of them – Maximilian – was proud to present his tongue flute technique to me, so we entered the studio an recorded some samples, two of these are used in this patch, here is the description, also available in Falcon’s info tab, the patch also has a background image installed.


    Two samples of a “tongue-flute” performed by my nephew Maximilian (9 years old when recording this), 2 velocity layers, multi-granular oscillators.

    Granular controls for speed, grain spread and grain position control via AT are installed, MW detunes the grains.

    Dial in two different filter modulation types (LP/hybrid) with the assigned controls, More controls for pan/amplitude modulation, EQ/delay/ring modulation/chorus/reverb are available.

    21 Macros and 2 switches are installed.


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    Very cool, thanks for this.

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    Very cool, thanks for this.


    I’ll pass it on to my nephew Max.

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