Granular: That tiny gap between impulse and sound

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    Please bear with me if I have missed something essential here, but here is my problem:

    In the Ircam Granular (and also in the multi granular, for that matter), when the grain size is set to max (500 milliseconds), there is a small gap between when I press a key on my keyboard and i hear the first grain in a stream. The gap decreases in length when i turn the grain size down, but still. It makes it difficult to work with distinct rhythmic onsets and short samples.

    The gap occurs seemingly no matter what the other settings in the oscillator is set to, and the trigger mode is set to Immediately.

    Have anyone else experienced this? Any perspectives are highly appreciated!

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    The sample start and loop start at different places can be confusing and may cause this behavior.

    Also you may try zooming in to the beginning to find any silence that may get exaggerated.

    It may be just a really low pitched sample that has to “get going” first, in that case the higher pitches will have less delay.

    Sorry I don’t have any definitive answers.

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    In the old MachFive granular engine which was also ported over to Falcon I remember this behaviour, caused by the shape of the grains always fading in, that was the first thing I complained about during Alpha-testing Falcon. But in Falcon’s new multi-granular engine this behaviour of grains fading in can be solved by shaping the grains with the two available parameters.

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    Thanks for your replies!

    I addressed the issue fo the good people of UVI, and this is the natural behaviour of the granular oscillators. With a grain size of say 500 ms, the fade in starts 250 ms before the position of the playhead, consequently delaying the sounds. Not a big issue, since it seems to be quite a few possible workarounds.

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