Gain staging, or how to make an instrument louder?

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    Hi there! I’m a new Falcon user, coming from UVI Workstation, and so far the experience has been great (just wish it would be possible to move the library pane would be to the left, the Kontakt muscle memory is strong…).

    I have one issue though, I have the UVI Austrian Grand sondbank and it’s just so quiet compared to, say, the Falcon Factory soundank. Does anyone have a tip on how to make the Grand louder, apart from raising the volume on my speakers of course? I know there is a master volume at 0db, but even at 6db it doesn’t really do that much to improve things.

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    You could always put a maximiser on the FX, but you’ll lose dynamic range. It is quiet though, along with most of the keysuite bundle. Still, better than overly loud/compressed/limited out of the box, and easy to add your own FX chain, and then save the patch to your user folder.

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