Fx cpu in relation to level placement

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    I am noticing a higher cpu usage when placing fx on the key group vs the layer level. I am concerned with resorce efficency in design as falcon can become quite heavy.

    Admittedly this patch has many variables, but if someone could verify or debunk that placing an fx, say an effect rack * fuzz4 * fuzz from LA on both levels results in a higher cpu usage when placed on the keygroup, good karma may just come your way. I chose this effect because of it’s cpu usage is noticeable, and I personally like the effect.


    Thomas Helzle
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    Of course!
    Everything you place on keygroup level is instanced per note, while what you place on the layer level is only instanced once for all keys.
    You should only place effects on keygroup level if it’s absolutely necessary for some reason but generally avoid it.



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    That’s the reason why only a small selection of effects is available on keygroup level. But things like e.g. the waveshaper sound very different when applied per note or for the sum, so I often use that on keygroup level and also add polyphonic modulation to it.

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    Well then, It only makes sense, thank you.

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