FM Modulating samples

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    first off….. Falcon is the sampler i’ve been looking for all my life. when french people collaborate on anything regarding music production they tend to destroy all competition (IRCAM reference…. the grain scrubber is a game changer).

    I’m pretty sure this isn’t possible but:

    is there any way to FM modulate a sample?  I’m aware of the FM mode in the waveshaper effect, but i’m talking about using the FM oscillator to do it. Conversely is there any way to use a sample as the FM source for any of the other oscillators? in Serum there’s a not-so-obvious way to do this by putting your sample into the noise oscillator then choosing the noise oscillator as the FM source for one of the other oscillators, so i figured i’d make sure i’m not missing something like that here.

    and this one i could probably find in the manual but if anybody knows off hand: what’s the cutoff length for audio files being thrown into the wavetable oscillator? i know it’s somewhere between like 1 second and 3 seconds just wondering the exact limit.

    thanks in advance


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    No, Falcon does not support cross modulation between oscillators and only the wavetable oscillator has FM to modulate the wavetables.

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