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    Hi all.

    Coming in bare handed and having a question already, sorry for that. Hope to be able to help you guys out later on issues when I am more knowledgeable. I have a question right here about getting a drive module to work in Falcon when placed in the program section, above layer level.

    In Falcon, I have drums, bass and some synths spread out over their respective programs (Falcon terminology). For drums, I have, usually, kick, snare, hihats, cymbals & toms in one program, each in their own respective layer. I want a drive effect over the whole of them. Falcon would only let me place 5 seperate drive modules in each layer. This is not very CPU economic. It is said to be possible to place one drive module in the program level, one level above the layer section. I tried this in many multi’s (Falcon arrangements), but it makes not any difference to the sound. No drive. For a drive effect to be audible, I am forced to place separate drive modules in each layer. This is not very economic and many ways.

    I want the drive to be applied on all drum instruments on that program if placed in the upper level, the program level in the multi. This corresponds with the UVI Falcon tutorial I checked on youtube. But no way.

    I want to work in an economic way, CPU wise and in regards to Falcon usage. I mean, one drive fx for the whole program should be enough to affect all layers, that is, all instruments in that program. Hope this makes sense the way I explain my point. Any Falcon wizards or knowledgeable peoples here to help me out on this?

    Thanks in advance,


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