UVI releases Plurality – a sound library for Falcon by Simon Stockhausen

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    UVI have released another library of mine – Plurality – which I produced from October 2018 to February 2019. This time I sampled instruments I hadn’t sampled before like glass harp (rubbed with hands and beaten with mallets), lyre (also e-bowed), zither (also e-bowed), clay flute, lithophone, pentatonic tubes and more. I derived a lot of the involved wavetables directly from those samples so everything in this library sort of belongs together.

    Pluralism is distributed exclusively by UVI so you won’t find it on patchpool. Check it out here

    Here all the audio demos I produced myself during the production period, I’ll upload some videos a little later.

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    Here are two videos I made yesterday with patches from Plurality, improvising live on video.

    Patch: Aiolos Drones Split

    Patch: Glass Harp Articulation Mix

    More to come…

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    Improvising live on video with a patch from Plurality for UVI Falcon.

    Patch description (to be found on the info page like in all the patches from Plurality):
    Octave sequence played on pentatonic tubes, each split zone uses a different segment from the same long sample running in multi-granular mode. Grain position is modulated by a tempo-synced multi-envelope, tempo-synced amplitude modulation via LFO4/5/6 is permanent.
    Add modulation of grain spread and perforate the granular structure with two Macros.
    The resonance of the tuned comb-filter can be decreased with another Macro.
    MW increase randomization of grain pitch (also modulated by a random slide LFO).

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    This sound library is my short-list…

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