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Hell I think I’ve got it. It’s 2 mono samples loaded at the same note. It says “simplebreakbeatL.wav” and “simplebreakbeatR.wav” in the same edit. Looking at my sample directory, it’s all mono samples, each breakbeat a L and a R wav. So that doubles the amount of files. I remember having issues with bouncing before. What I must have done for this song, can’t recall exactly but I think, in Falcon, in the browser window at the right, I selected the L and R sample of a breakbeat, and drew them both to the edit window, on the keyboard inside the Falcon program. Don’t know if that works. Now I also remember stereo files being played in mono, but I’ll have to create all samples again to be sure, in stereo, because as of now I can only find mono samples in my sample directory. Apparently dragging two mono samples into a keygroup doesn’t work, although the edit shows a left and a right section. But both waves there look exactly the same. Hmm, that’s gonna be a lot of work, mixing and bouncing all samples to stereo waves again. Done that before, but it never worked so I don’t know what happened. Apart from that, I can’t find the stereo waves back on my drive.

Well one keygroup holds one sample oscillator playing one sample, so if you would want to use -L/-R samples you would have to use two keygroups in Falcon to play them and pan them hard left/right to achieve a stereo playback.