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I look for a place/file explaining the basics of Falcon presets managements: Is it possible to modify and save a UVI preset without creating a new one? if I create a multi and save it, what happen when I modify one of the used sounds preset inside ? How to optimize the reuse of contents? How to apply globally the midi learn option to several presets?

*If the presets are stored in an encrypted ufs.-file like UVI distributes them you will have to re-save a modified preset to a location you can freely select, the altered sample/asset paths will be updated within the preset. If the storage location of a given preset is not encrypted/protected (like e.g. in the libraries I distribute) then you can just overwrite the preset with your modification.

*As I never use multis I can’t answer this, try it for yourself.

*? Optimize what?

* You will have to assign Midi CC’s in each preset and then save the preset, there is unfortunately no global option to do that. Automation assignments in the DAW can not be saved globally either.