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Hey Simon,

Super sorry for the late response! Been away over Christmas and have only come back now.

Thanks for the answer, I appreciate it! Well, if it would help, I could create a sound sample in which you can hear what the pluck and phase randomization do. It’s both kind of simple but at the same time hard to replicate in Falcon.

I have not had any success using the additive oscillator in Falcon. Given what additive synthesis can do, I find Falcon’s additive oscillator leaves a lot to wish for (but that’s another topic).

Now something else: When I try to modulate a filter cut off on Program level, it seems not to be possible to use Envelopes (which is a shame). LFOs do work, but how can I make them trigger only once? I can’t seem to get this done and having to apply the same modulation on every keygroup seems very inconvienent. Any tips on that?