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I just bought Falcon recently and have an older I7-4770 that runs at 3.5GHz with 16GB of RAM.  It runs well on my machine and pretty much all the stock sounds are using less than 50% CPU.  Many of them are less than 10%.

I can glitch it somewhat easily creating my own patches however.  If I run a multi with 4 or 5 patches, I run out of CPU.  If I create a patch with 4 or 5 layers and each one has multiple voices, again, I hit a wall and get artifacts somewhere around 70% CPU.

I would not let this put you off however.  Falcon is so huge, it takes months or years to master.  The limitations of my particular CPU are pretty minimal and I can still create super deep patches with over 12 LFO’s, multiple separate reverbs and easily a dozen voices. I can’t think of another VST that has that capability.

The limitations of the software are mostly based on your specific CPU power. However, the life-span of Falcon is much greater than most of the sub $100 VST’s because of this.  Like my DAW, I can see myself using Falcon to create sounds for the next 5 years and I will likely replace my computer at least once in that time frame.

Hope this helps.