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Is it possible to add presets to sound banks or to create entirely new user sound banks? I notice that any custom presets I have are not included in search, which only seems to include UFS sound bank files… UFS files are a binary format… Does falcon provide any means to modify or create UFS sound bank files?

If you want to create an UFS container you have to buy iLok licenses from UVI. But I created all my sound libraries for Falcon creating my own folder structure which works perfectly well for distributing sounds: Library Name/ Subfolders for

  • Images
  • IRs
  • Presets/Subfolders
  • Samples/Subfolders
  • Wavetables

It’s best to move everything into the folders first before starting to to program, that way you will always have the correct paths stored within the presets.

Thank you for this information Simon, can I clarify under Presets and Samples you state Subfolders – what do you envisage these subfolders being for, or more importantly are they a necessity? I could see separating Pads/Bass/Lead etc. in the presets area perhaps but I take it to have all presets under the Presets folder and all samples used in a single Samples folder would be fine as far as Falcon is concerned?

Apologies if this is clear if one owns any UVI (or yours) expansions but at this stage I don’t own any.

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