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Strange, it works fine on my side, maybe it’s an issue with your system setup? Have you contacted UVI support (they don’t lurk around these premises).

I’m sure its not my system set-up.  I’ve gone to great lengths to make my studio computer compliant for audio, especially for Pro Tools, which is my main DAW.  There’s nothing fussier than PT.

I did put in a report ticket to UVI on it.  I was just hoping someone here might have had a similar issue.  You’re right it is VERY strange.  I used Eli Kratzenberg’s “Falcon Explained” video on Groove 3 and had his video on one screen and Falcon on the other and did everything he did step for step.  No joy!  There’s a glitch somewhere in how its reading sample files.   I can’t even get the menu to pop up with a single sample.  Its like Falcon doesn’t recognize when I’m holding down the ALT key or something.  Weird!