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Short version: — Is it possible for the ‘Position’ knob in the Granular or Multi Granular sampler module to follow the portamento settings? Medium version … I have a file loaded into the Multi Granular sampler where the ‘Position’ knob is being controlled by a ‘key’ modulator, effectively using the keyboard to jump to different positions in my audio file. However, no matter how I set my portamento settings in the ‘Layer’ tab / window I’m unable to get the position knob to glide between positions when I change notes on the keyboard. Is it possible for the ‘Position’ knob to follow the portamento settings when the knob is being controlled by keyfollow modulators? I sincerely appreciate your input — Cheers. -Stephan

Hi Stephan,

I don’t think that’s possible, it’s an interesting challenge though and I’ll investigate myself, maybe there is a way to achieve what you’re looking for.