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Improvising with a soundscape from Falcon Scapes Vol3, automating plenty of the available Macros in a second pass in LogicX – 100% Falcon.

Patch description:

Lower half: first segment of a crystal bowl ensemble processed with Sound Particles, running in granular mode.
Upper half: second segment of a processed crystal bowl ensemble running in granular mode layered with a multi-sampled spectralized crystal bowl synth (with dedicated volume and sample start controls), four pitches were sampled between E0–E3, a velocity-sensitive envelope is assigned to LP filter cutoff.
Overlapping split point: C3.
The granular sounds have four controls installed for grain speed/position/inverted grain size and pitch randomization (also assigned to MW), convolution reverb can be activated and mixed.
More Macros are installed for controlling delay/chorus/limiter FX.